On the advice of my family, who have been a little concerned by recent interchanges on this blog, including my tone, which apparently comes across as much more cynical than I intend, even to my friends, I thought I would relate a couple of incidents from the last week:

Medicine attending in the hallway: “Alice, thanks for your help with that guy the other day. I appreciate how quickly you came by to do the procedure.” Me: “Any time, Dr. Smith; you can always get me interested in sharp objects.”

CRNA in the PACU: “By the way, Dr. Alice, after you left with the patient, the two OR nurses remarked how much they like to have you in the room. They said you’re the politest resident.” Me: “Oh, really? Mmm.”

ER resident: “Wow, Alice, you guys got here fast. I was planning to send labs and have them back before you came by.” Me: “It’s ok, we like to evaluate consults as soon as possible.”

ICU nurse to student: “Have you met Alice? She’s one of our favorites. We like to hear her answering our pages, because we know she’ll always come right away and help out.” Me, silently: “That’s because I don’t trust myself to deal with things over the phone.”

Medicine intern: “Boy, you got here quickly, Alice. I just put that consult in half an hour ago.” Me: “I came as soon as the secretary called me. It sounds like you have a really interesting case – a bit more intriguing than the usual gallstones.” Medicine intern: “Yeah, I know those are a nuisance. But this guy sure is puzzling.”

Okay? I guess I’ve been doing some stress relief on this blog; but I don’t talk like that in real life, and, although this is a lot of positive feedback for one week, as far as I can trust what people say to my face, I think I’m getting along smoothly with all but maybe three ER residents and one floor’s worth of medical nurses. Now don’t make me have to say nice things about myself on my own blog again.  😉  And of course all these nice personal interactions don’t prove anything about my skills in the OR or my clinical acumen (I feel funny even putting those words together, because I don’t think there’s much of it yet).