I am so happy to be a surgery intern. I don’t know if I mentioned that lately. I am thrilled that I get to work with these patients, and no others, with these attendings, and no others. So what if I have to get to the hospital a couple hours before the sun rises; I’m there to see people with cholecystitis, and appendicitis, and aortic aneurysms, and cancer, and incarcerated hernias. Sooo much better than coming in later, and seeing people with hypertensive crises and strokes and weird metabolic disorders that got out of whack. These patients are all interesting, because they all have surgery in their past or near future – and it’s great.

Sometimes, now, I get home while there’s still light outside. Perhaps I should stop cursing daylight savings time. It is, after all, more valuable to have light for a walk when I get home, than light to see the highway in the morning.

My mother’s house is full of plants – flowering plants, and also those insanely annoying potted menaces which do nothing but grow leaves. The flowers I think I’ve always appreciated, but I could never see a point in keeping a plant which did nothing but grow green leaves.

I’ve broken down, and bought pansies to put outside my window. I can’t stand not to have some live flower closer than the trees and tulips in the neighbors’ yeards. I’m trying to hold off, but I foresee green potted menaces in the near future.