Ok, it’s still a bad day. As predicted, I got involved in trouble. I don’t think it was my fault; on the other hand, I didn’t do much to stop it. On the third hand, I’m not sure what I could have done differently. On the fourth hand, the senior residents either think I could have done something, or are determined to enjoy teasing me about it; probably the latter.

Let’s just say that I was involved in doing a cardinal thing that you’re not supposed to do, because it has bad results; and now I know why, and I will devote a lot of thought to never being in that place again.

The chief, bless his heart, stopped the teasing long enough to make a real teaching effort, and went through all the things that someone should have done differently. So that was worthwhile. Now I’m just trying to figure out whether I was part of that someone, or not. Perhaps I should stop considering what I did or didn’t do, and think about what I could do next time. . . Mainly, never walk into the room in the first place; but that was not allowed as an option.

Thanks for all the comments, folks; I do intend to get to them, but maybe tomorrow, when I haven’t been mis-speaking all day long already.

That’s the other problem. I thought I had learned how to handle “the guys’ ” kind of jokes, but it’s stepped up the last few days, and I can’t handle it. Either I turn bright red, which just stirs them up, or I try to answer back, and say something stupid. Witty repartee is definitely not my forte.