I think that’s enough about Mormonism and Islam – especially at the same time. As some have suggested, it’s perhaps best not to tackle two giants at once. On the other hand, next time we could include Jehovah’s Witnesses, or maybe the Unitarians. Three times the fun? Thanks to all who commented.

In response to many questions lately, I am working on a post or two of advice for surgical interns – a subject I take up with some trepidation because among those who remember her, that phrase instantly brings to mind Barbados Butterfly, a surgical registrar in Australia, who was, until forced by her hospital’s administration to take her blog down, one of the very best medical bloggers; certainly my favorite. She combined a dry sense of humor with a good deal of medical wisdom, and was both entertaining and instructive to read. Some of us still keep an eye out for a reincarnation, but have so far been disappointed.

Anyway, she had a series called “advice for surgical interns,” which still runs in my head. I can’t replicate her style or her experience, but there are a few highlights we could address. Tomorrow.