A GOP insider reveals a conspiracy to prevent Ron Paul supporters from being heard at state and national conventions. It’s nice to have our suspicions confirmed (how come Paul was winning 10-15% in most primaries, a strong 3-4th place, and yet was almost never mentioned as a frontrunner, whereas Giuliani, who polled way behind him, was much more prominent? and how come someone who was winning 15-20% in the later polling states, with people deliberately coming out to register their objections to the McCain victory parade, is not getting any recognition from the national party?)

Anyway. It’s always special when a member of the conspiracy group (not that Doug Wead seems to approve of the general plan to silence Ron Paul and his supporters) admits that it exists.

My brother and I have been re-discovering one of Robert Heinlein’s less well-known masterpieces, The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress, about a Lunar colony which fights for independence from Earth. The revolution’s architects are a bunch of libertarian/anarchists, who speak a magnificent Russian-influenced English slang, participate in group marriages, and are assisted by a (secret) sentient computer. This is one of my favorite Heinlein books, right up with Starship Troopers. The way he manages to weave hard science and even harder political science into a novel set in a complete and believable future society with an action plot is amazing.