I’m so frustrated and annoyed, I’m not going to write anything. Some of the attendings are driving me crazy, and so are some of the seniors.

The patients themselves are not bad, especially since I seem to have randomly picked up all the people who are chronically on the vent. I’m familiar with them now, and am getting used to the slow dance of changing one vent setting (oxygen flow, pressure, volume, rate) at a time, and waiting to see if they’ll gain the strength to start breathing on their own again, while keeping a careful eye out for pneumonias which will knock them back by at least a week.

Now if some people would teach, instead of making criticisms all the time, and about things that I didn’t actually do, or had a good reason for doing but they won’t let me get a sentence out enough to even suggest that I had a rational reason for my actions. . .

I’m not talking, see.