Two weeks till the new interns get here. Actually they’ll be here earlier, for orientation, but two weeks till they start working.

Last July 1 seems like a million years ago, a different lifetime. The time has flown since then; I don’t feel like it’s been as long as a year, but somehow more than a year has happened in between. I really am a doctor now, and the more I think about it, the more I think I do know enough to take care of the interns and their patients properly. It’s my new patients, four ICUs full of them, that I’m more worried about. I have a feeling I’m going to be on call 4th of July weekend; perhaps it would be just as well to jump right in and get it over with.

Most of our interns for the next year came through here as medical students, so hopefully they’ll have an easier transition than I did. I spent the longest time, that first week, trying to get between the fourth floors of two separate towers, which of course only connect on the third floor. On the other hand, they probably won’t know about our crazy computer system, and teaching them will be infuriating in that special kind of way, when you know how to make the computer move, but everyone else is just stumbling around it (which makes it so painful to watch the attendings trying to find something out from the computer, when deference forbids you to say, Here, give me the mouse, let me get it).

I understand now that peculiar grin that the previous year’s interns greeted us with, last July, saying, “It’s nice to have someone else be the intern now. Here’s the list, see you later!” And disappeared around the corner. I think I’m going to have that precise smirk – a mixture of satisfaction and pity.