July 1 – a very good day for staying out of the hospital.

Actually I don’t know why everyone repeats that, because nothing very bad happened. The attendings and seniors were practically breathing down the juniors’ and interns’ necks, and there was not much opportunity for error.

My service was relatively light, so I wasn’t called on to do anything out of the ordinary, which was just fine with me. I mainly babysat the intern all day. At first it was fun, because I wanted to help them and smooth the transition. By the end of the day, though, I was rather annoyed, and am trying to figure out whether all the interns are that infuriating, or mine was special. I’m going to try to keep giving them the benefit of the doubt for at least another week, and try to remember that I must have some of the same mannerisms, and must have been annoying my seniors in a very similar way through the last year. But hmmph, he/she/it is going to get in some trouble if they carry on at this rate.

Friday, on call, if the rest of the interns are like this, is going to be quite a nuisance. I guess I’m mainly used to my intern class, for the last several months, being able to do all kinds of work; which it isn’t fair to expect of the new guys at first here, so I need to adjust my expectations of “having an intern to do work with me” to “having an intern whose work I need to do as well as my own.” Ah well, a few weeks should straighten them all out.

It is funny, though, to see the new interns in the halls. Even the ones I didn’t know as medical students wear their new long coats so stiffly that they look out of place, as though they picked up someone else’s coat by mistake. Now if I could just find my new coat (supposedly somewhere in the hospital) so I can stop looking as though I’ve been sleeping in mine.

Welcome to the gang.