In tangential reference to Buckeye Surgeon’s exhausting tale of a busy Fourth of July:

For a large part of last year I was impressed by how careful the older residents were to make sure that the interns came in and out of the hospital at appropriate times to keep their hours under 80/week. I was touched by their concern, but also a little puzzled as to how they could be there both earlier and later than I was, and not have problems with their hours.

It was quite simple, really. They were just motivated and organized enough to keep the record clean, regardless of what they were actually doing. And they were watching out for the interns, because they knew we hadn’t quite grasped either the sense of responsibility, the work ethic, or the bureaucratic finesse needed to make all of that happen.

Now, I’m on the other side, trying to help the new interns figure out the balance between keeping the record sheets neat, and taking care of their patients. It’s going to take a little while to pass the lessons on; and I wish we didn’t have to play this game.