I’m tired of trauma. I feel like I’ve been doing this forever, and it’s going to keep going forever. Every day starts out ok, and then goes on for a whole lifetime, with twenty lives in my hands, and thirty or forty people wanting something from me (ranging from the medical students wanting something educational or useful to do, and I don’t have the time I owe them to be educational, to the nurses as usual reminding me of what their patients need, to the attendings wanting me to do a dozen different things, reminding me of things I know I should be doing, or asking me the same question for the third time in five minutes, to the families, who need to be talked to, and all want more time than I have).

That is one thing I’ve figured out. I’ve decided which of all the trauma attendings is most difficult to work with: not the one who rounds for nine hours at a time, not the one who rounds so fast it leaves you breathless, not the one who listens to himself talking all day and gets nothing done. No, the one who lets you give a whole presentation, then asks you three times for information you stated at the beginning of the speech. And writes it down, looks at something else, and then asks you again. Halfway through rounds with him, I’m ready to scream.

Many of the nurses give me a vote of confidence by seeking me out to ask questions of. It’s nice to know they trust me to manage a lot of things – but it would also be nice if they asked the other residents sometimes!