What can I say? Nothing much happened today. The sick people in the unit over the last week either died, or got well enough to leave. We’re left with a population which is overall more likely to get out and do well than we’ve had for the rest of the month.

The month is almost finished, unattainable as that has seemed for so long. The next few months seem in prospect to be a little better. Certainly more opportunity for operating. The attendings I’ll be with have their own quirks, but not as wild as the trauma attendings, and more to my taste. (Surgeons who leap at every excuse to get in the OR are just more natural than surgeons who take every excuse to stay away from it.)

I’ve been getting back in touch with some old med school friends lately. We haven’t talked in a while, but our lives are still so similar – the shared crucible of medical school, and now a language and a society open to very few – that we fell back in as though we’d never said goodbye. All we have to do is start talking about this unbearable attending, that crazy patient, the hospital cafeteria, the unbelievable paperwork – and we instantly have a thousand common topics of conversation. Fun, comforting, but also a little eerie. This is such a tiny guild that I’ve joined.