Quick note to say how much I’m enjoying Greenfield’s chapter on liver anatomy. This was previously a closed book to me, and whenever anyone started discussing liver anatomy/resection/any surgery coming close to the liver (which unfortunately includes a lot of surgeries), my eyes would glaze over, and I would start gazing at a point in the middle distance, hoping they would get through it before it occurred to them to ask me a question.

No more. I have finally grasped the eight hepatic lobes, and why lobe 1 is in the back, and lobe 7 is off in a corner. This is fairly significant, since most pictures of liver anatomy show the eight lobes split off, as though a 3D animation is about to start, with all kinds of spider-like connections between them. Since there are four flow systems in the liver (arterial, biliary, portal and systemic venous), any map of these branches can get quite flowery.Β But I could draw it for you now. . .

First time for a while that a surgical textbook has been literally a page-turner. Try it yourself.Β  πŸ˜‰