At loose ends lately, I’ve been exploring some of the food blogs (Just Food, Japanese Kitchen, Gourmet Traveller, and Greek Food, to name a few). These have a few effects on me: 1) tempt me to buy exotic ingredients that I have no real need/use for in order to try some of their recipes 2) inspire me to cook more real food at my house.

I would even consider trying some food blogging of my own, except I have no camera, which seems to be an essential part of the genre, and after all, my cooking is of a very mundane variety, only interesting because I’m reinventing the wheel by discovering it all on my own.

Some lessons learned:
Baking cakes is dangerous. Either you have to take the whole thing to work, in which case the nurses are thrilled, and make such loud comments that the attendings come over to see what you’ve been doing instead of working or studying, or you keep it at home and eat the whole thing – which is not healthy. There is no happy medium. You can’t cut one slice out, and take the rest to work.

The cheap cuts of meat are cheap because they’re tough and inedible.

Vegetables don’t last for long in the refrigerator. You can’t buy, for instance, eggplant, and plan to stuff it later in the week, and then all the days are long, and it turns into next week. . . the eggplant turns into mush.

On the other hand, practically any piece of meat can be made quite edible by marinating in practically any combination of ingredients for 24hrs (which is how long it is between visits to my kitchen). So far, I have tried plain soy sauce, plain worcestershire sauce, and various combinations of wine/oil/onions. Like I said, reinventing the wheel, but it sure beats the hospital cafeteria.