Surgery is a great field for a fashion-challenged person such as myself. On any given day, there is one easily-obtainable set of clothes which will fit in perfectly with everyone else and be completely appropriate for any occasion, ranging from early morning rounds to professor rounds to clinic time to the OR to emergencies on the floor or in the ER.

On the rare occasions when more formal attire is required (some professors’ rounds, when giving speeches, etc), this is usually clearly spelled out ahead of time, due to the propensity of both male and female surgery residents to wear scrubs whenever they have not been instructed¬†otherwise.

There was one program which I liked when I interviewed at, but I got a clear indication that it was not for me when one of the residents mentioned that their attendings were so formal, they were required to wear business clothes at all times except when actually in the OR, and had not infrequently found themselves dressed in a tie, running a trauma code. A bolt of lightning could not have been a plainer “stear clear” sign.