Sorry, nothing much to report here. I’m functioning as the social worker again: sort out nursing homes, home care, jump through the different insurance companies’ hoops about how one qualifies to be allowed to take this or that medication. The nurses and case managers and I just shrug our shoulders and give up; it really doesn’t matter any more what the doctor says. We’re forced to prescribe and practice with our hands tied by bureaucrats with no medical training, but we’re the ones who will get sued if anything goes wrong.

It won’t even necessarily take Obama getting elected and passing his socialized healthcare plan through a completely Democrat Congress to get me out of medicine; it’s not like I need a lot more excuses; but that would sure make a good one. These high school kids ask my advice about how to get into medical school; whereas what I ought to be giving them is advice how to stay out of this debacle.

Hold on for a couple days, I’ll write you something more cheerful after I get another case. The OR is still magic – the best anti-depressant.