This election madness is getting to the point that it’s infringing on the hospital. People keep blurting out comments on the election, or even diving into a complicated analysis of each state’s possible outcome and impact on the electoral college instead of the football calculations which usually occupy the guys.

The attending tried to hold a discussion session on current therapies for some surgical disease or other, but was completely unable to restrain himself from explaining, instead, the great danger that a radical socialist president in complete control of both houses of Congress would pose to the nation. I, of course, joined in, and we exchanged rumors and speculations. The chief shook his head and insisted that he prefers not to think about such things. To be sure, I much preferred to keep the attending on the subject of politics, on which we were on an equal footing, to returning to surgery, in which I was making a rather poor showing (along the lines of, there’s only two answers to each question, and I persisted in remembering the wrong answer to every one. . . bother).

Possibly I was a little distracted. I’ve been plotting for a week now how likely it is that I will be able to get out of the hospital in time to vote on November 4. I decline to vote absentee, on the grounds that everything I’ve read suggests that these ballots get lost, mislaid, and miscounted in droves. I don’t actually have any particular expectation that the electronic voting machines won’t simply eat my vote as well, or reverse it, but somehow there seems to be strength in numbers – do it all at once, I say. (And doesn’t the whole concept of “early voting” rather dramatically undermine the purpose of Election Day? What if some horrible truth about either McCain or Obama were revealed next Wednesday, for instance? What about the people who already voted? Or what if, God forbid, this country were to suffer another terrorist attack? The point of a set day for elections is to do things in an orderly fashion. . .)

With the advent of ACORN and the gross insistence of Secretaries of State across the country (Ohio’s being the most egregious – refusing to enforce federal law? how does she get away with that?) upon not enforcing any kind of rational limits on fake voters, I give this country one more election cycle at the most before all trust in the ballotting system disintegrates completely, and we are reduced to the level of any African/Asian/post-communist country. The end is closer than we think. Frankly, no matter who wins in November, I personally will have only a very faint hope that it was an honest result. (And why does CNN, deciding finally to cover voter fraud, after the online new media has been all over it for weeks, choose to highlight a Republican who jammed Democrat headquarter phone lines a few years ago, rather than ACORN, which has literally registered millions of Disney characters, dead fish, and defunct seniors in the past few months?)

Ahem. Will stop ranting now. You may conclude that I had very little of surgical interest to occupy me today. Although the specter of the absite is starting to loom closer.