It’s a good thing I have to admit so many kids with appendicitis and non-appendicitis, because I need more work on laparoscopic appendectomies.

This became abundantly clear last night when, two-thirds of the way through a case, the attending commented, “Do they do laparoscopic appendectomies at your hospital?”

“Well, yes sir, they do, but I haven’t gotten to do any there yet.” [so the fact that I seem to have two left hands is really not my program’s fault] 

The appendix being at the other hand of the abdomen from the stomach and gallbladder, which is what I’ve mostly worked on (or tried to) laparoscopically, appendectomies feel like working upside down and backwards – and it shows in my random sweeps which usually don’t even get my instrument onto the screen, let alone do anything helpful to peel back the inflamed tissue and expose the parts that we need to be working on.