Somebody on a tv show the other day was cutting with the back side of a scalpel. It was a nice big #10 blade, the fat round wide kind (nice, because they slice things right open without the slightest effort), but they were cutting with the back side, which isn’t sharp, and it made a big incision that bled tv blood. I found that very annoying. If you got enough of a scalpel to use as a prop, wouldn’t you notice which side was sharp?

In the surgical world when we cut our hands we don’t use bandaids. You can’t scrub with a bandaid, and you aren’t supposed to scrub with an open wound (more I think because of the increased risk of infecting yourself if the glove is broken, than for the patient’s benefit); and of course you can’t not scrub at all just because you were silly enough to cut your hand. So we use the little plastic tapes that are used to stick ivs down. They’re slim and smooth, and are actually sticky enough that you can scrub for two minutes with one on, and have it stay on through gowning up.

I know this, because somehow, although I think I’m getting to be not bad in the OR, I cut myself frightfully often with kitchen knives, and even with all kinds of objects that you wouldn’t think were sharp, but somehow I end up with cuts anyway. I’m a little disturbed by how awkward I am with everyday objects; but I know I’m not that clumsy in the OR. . . I guess I’m concentrating more there.

Anyway, it’s gotten to the point that I keep a small collection of iv bandages handy, for taping up my fingers.