This will tell you what my nights have been like lately:

I woke up in the evening to go in for the next shift, and my shoulders were really sore. I couldn’t figure out why. I’d been trying to study a little more, but surely I hadn’t spent so much time hunched over a book to hurt that badly. I was at the hospital for half an hour before I remembered that I’d been doing chest compressions the night before.

1am in the ER, one of the ER residents asked about a patient we’d admitted at 7pm. I couldn’t even remember who they were talking about.

A MICU resident asked, How did that laparotomy from earlier in the week do? I said, Which one? The 80yr old with diabetes, the 60yr old with cirrhosis, or the 70yr old who’d arrested? Doesn’t matter, they all did badly.

The OR charge nurses recognize my voice, and start protesting as soon as they know it’s me on the phone. . . doesn’t stop the cases from coming.

Time to go to sleep. . .