I’ve been trying to avoid talking about health-care reform (or deform, if you want to be accurate) on here, because it makes me so angry that I’m virtually speechless. I’ve also stopped talking about politics with my liberal friends at work. I used to enjoy a friendly debate, but there’s nothing fun about the looming disaster.

I can’t not talk about this any more. I just opened a mass email to all the physicians at my hospital, informing us that, in addition to compazine (a very basic anti-nausea medicine; cheaper and more effective than zofran, and less sedating than phenergan; my go-to drug for post-op nausea) and some iv narcotics, and antibiotics, there is now a national shortage of propofol (the fast-acting sedative used to induce anesthesia for a general case, used as almost the sole agent for a conscious-sedation outpatient procedure, and relied on heavily to sedate ICU patients, because its very short duration of action means you can turn it off quickly to check for neuro status, and trials of vent weaning, and get it back on quickly if needed), and we are going to be using the European variant, whose key features are that people who are allergic to peanuts can’t have it, and it doesn’t have the same anti-microbial agents built in, meaning it’s more liable to acting as a culture tube for bacteria.

I can’t see any explanation for this sudden, simultaneous shortage of all kinds of basic drugs (which I have never seen before in my career; one at a time, maybe, and usually more rarely used drugs) than that pharmaceutical manufacturers are scared stiff of the antics in Congress, and are trying to cut their losses by not manufacturing surpluses when they can’t tell if they’ll get paid properly in the near future.

In other words, it’s starting to feel like a third-world country (or maybe just Europe) and they haven’t even settled on which gigantic, mysterious, debt-riddled, unworkable socialist plan they’re actually going to force down our throats. (Anyone else seeing this phenomenon too? Any less depressing explanations?)

60% disapproval rating across all polls, and it’s still full-steam ahead? Who still thinks Obama gives a rat’s — what the people really want?

Although I have to say, since a majority of the American people were idiots enough to vote for this traitor, after having heard him advertise his socialist agenda loud and clear for a year’s worth of campaigning, it’s their own fault that he’s now giving them exactly what he promised. (And I say traitor because I mean it, in the sense of someone who’s committed to the destruction of Constitutional government and the traditional American way of life, and perhaps even national security. Think KSM trial in New York.)

If any non-medical people are reading this, and if you’ve been wondering what the medical profession thinks of Obamacare, I have two remarks for you: the AMA does not represent us, and we haven’t been screaming simply because we’re too busy taking care of patients, and too despairing of being able to stop this railroad crash, to try to express our fear and disapproval. (And a minority of us are socialists, don’t ask me why.)

Guys, this is how freedom is lost: we’re celebrating Christmas, we’re not watching, and Obama and his socialist cronies in Congress are about to transfer 15% of the national economy to government control, after having already taken banking and finance. . . this is going down fast. I’m glad I got to at least see America as a free nation, although I guess I won’t get to spend much of my grown-up life in that country. . . If I wanted socialism and multiculturalism gone crazy, I would move to Europe. . .

Merry Christmas.