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Creationist evidence: Don Patton probably does not have an authentic claim to be called Dr., and his associates include some of the shadier creationists. However, these quotes which he uses in his creationism/evolution debates seem to be taken purely from creditable evolutionists, so should not be tainted by his questionable credentials. It would be a good project whenever I have the time to look up all the sources and verify these quotations.
Until then:
Evolutionists questioning the assumptions in dating methods
Evolutionists admitting that the fossil record does not support evolution


6 Responses to “Filing Cabinet”

  1. Bongi Says:

    being not of the american culture and therefore only being able to look in in amazement at the interesting and sometimes ruthless tug of war between the creationists and evolutionists in your culture, i would suggest you don’t go that way. but i really don’t understand it and assume it is some sort of cultural thing there, so therefore do not listen to me if i’m totally off course here.

  2. Dr. Alice Says:

    Bongi – Thanks for stopping by. I hope ruthless is an exaggeration, at least for my behavior. But honestly, it’s not just a cultural issue. The question of whether an Almighty God created us, making us individually unique and precious, and also accountable to his laws, or whether we simply happened to evolve, without purpose, from amoeba, is the most important question in the world. It determines your place in the universe, the value and purpose of your life. It underlies all ethical questions. Above all, if we are indeed created by God, and have sinned against him, this has tremendous implications for our destiny after death, if we fail to accept the reconciliation that he offers in his son’s death. Check out Answers in Genesis for more information.

  3. Bongi Says:

    cultural in my opinion. this sort of rigid dogma i see as american. both ways. i don’t really claim to know the american culture well enough to be sure i’m right, but it is an observation. i mean even statements like “the most important question in the world”. the other questions must be pretty lame. also the automatic link to your position in the here and now and the hereafter related to creationism vs. evolutionism. a bit too weighty and once again too rigid.

  4. Jeffrey Says:

    well i think everyone is entitled to what they think is the most important thing in their life? What’s yours? Its obvious from Dr Alice’s comment why she thinks its the most important question in the world.

    And, you have to choose one. There is no sitting on the fence for this one.

    “Either there is a God, or there isn’t. Both possibilities are frightening”

  5. Hi,
    i stumbled across your blog, and this debate caught my eye. it’s something that has interested me ever since 1st year medical school. I suggest you read Gerald Schroeders books, in particular “Genesis and the Big Bang”. He manages to reconcile the creationist and evolutionist viewpoints that they end up confirming each other as both true!

  6. filing cabinets should be made from metals and other recycleable materials. avoid buying plastic filing cabinets .~~

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