I graduated from medical school and started a general surgery residency in 2007.

I was homeschooled K-12, and raised in a Reformed environment. This blog is my way of recording the course of my residency, and reflecting on how Christ’s absolute claim as Lord of all creation can be lived out in medicine, specifically in the field of surgery.

Interests include classical music, enjoying God’s outdoors (rock-climbing does not count as enjoying), reading omnivorously, and practicing needlecrafts.

Dreams include visiting all of Europe and not missing any cathedrals, becoming fluent in at least three foreign languages, and having a family like Cheaper by the Dozen.


16 Responses to “About”

  1. Lisi Says:

    Dr. Alice,

    I have been homeschooling my two boys for 9 years. My older son who is 15 has aspired to be a physician, since 8 years old. He began working with children who have neurological disabilities around age 12, and has aspired to become a Neurologist. My husband is a IT manager, so I was surprised to find out he did not want to pursue an IT career. My job as a homeschool mom is to provide many resources and tools, in order for him to acheive his goals. Is there any advice you could give him?

    Thank You,


  2. Mena Says:

    How is it that you know about the Coptic community yet you grew up in a reformed household? I find that incredibly interesting.

  3. Dr. Alice Says:

    One of my parents is Coptic, and we grew up going to the Coptic church, but we read a lot of Reformed books (Rushdoony, Bahnsen, Douglas Wilson, if you know them). There isn’t a strong Coptic community in my family’s area, so now we mostly go to a Reformed church.

  4. Nathan Says:

    How cool. So rock-climbing doesn’t count as enjoying?

    And reading the comments here, I find we have another point (sort of) in common. I grew up partly in the Russian orthodox church, but am now Reformed. Keep up the great writing, and don’t let the environment get you down. Or my good-natured snipes at surgeons. You know I love you guys. Most of the time.

  5. Dr. Alice Says:

    No. Rock-climbing counts as buying unnecessary tickets for a lottery whose prize is a helicopter ride to the ER. And that would get you too close for comfort to the surgeons. Got to stay away from those guys; they have knives. 😉

  6. Jeff W Says:

    Just found your blog. I respect your desire to integrate your faith in and your profession. Keep it up. I’ll be stopping by every now and then. Hope you don’t mind if I link to your blog from mine.

    Take care

  7. Shirley Says:

    Hello, Dr. Alice:

    Just came across your interesting blog today. Have bookmarked you.


    Shirley Buxton

  8. scribblesinnotebooks Says:

    Homeschool rocks. Spread it around ;o)

    (2nd-grade dropout)

  9. Jason Says:

    Greetings! Just to clear the air, I know absolutely nothing about medicine and I typically avoid doctors at all costs (I know, typical male). But as one raised Reformed and currently attending a Reformed seminary, it’s god to see someone else doing their best to put Kuyper into practice. I wish you the best as you pursue an exciting career. God bless!

  10. katie Says:

    As a physician and a rock climber, I wanted to let you know that climbing is not always dangerous. There are many different types of climbing (trad, sport, top-roping, free soloing, deep water soloing, bouldering) and each has significantly different levels of risk involved. It is very possible to climb safely and enjoy the outdoors, you have to put safety first and know what you’re doing.

  11. portalshops Says:

    Its nice to see your blog. I am an ICU RN and I do post my nursing experiences in a blog. Feel free to hook me up on your blogroll. My blog is http://nursingstories.wordpress.com. I will add your blog in my blogroll

  12. Christy Says:

    Not that I have much sympathy for “anxiety” patients, or people who attempt suicide unsuccessfully; TO QUOTE YOU, a woman of GOD?????? Go back to med school or more importantly church!!! I came across your blog because I am a CHRISTIAN bipolar who believes Jesus loves me but I can no longer tolerate & bare the deterioation of my mind & was searching for a way to cut my radial artery. Don’t know HOW I got to your blog. So how dare you judge people God created with illness’s you obviously do not believe exist. Walk in another’s shoe’s for one day, much less a lifetime. SHAME ON YOU, for proclaiming to be God’s servant, while you condemn those he presents before you for service….how long will you be blind? Ever read a parable…oh, yeah…those are in the Bible which you’ve obviously never picked up. Remember “First do no harm…” Guess it’s called the HYPOCRITE OATH. Learn just a weee bit of compassion to do God’s will….Hey, I’m so pissed at you, I don’t feel like killing myself anymore. Maybe God did have a purpose in your pathetic blog. thanks!

  13. Raquelita Says:

    Hey, just found your blog today. I can’t believe it! I’m a female wanting to do vascular surgery too (trained in the UK, started a surg. residency there before relocating to the US with my American husband…currently stuck at home with a depressing number of Step I High Yield books) so it’s more than made my day to find someone else who shares my gender, faith and surgical specialty of choice who’s writing about what I hope to do sometime soon! Love your honesty. Living out one’s faith is a lot more tricky than it sounds. Especially in surgery 😉

  14. Nic Says:

    Hi Alice

    Great blog. I’m a cardiothoracic registrar in Australia and so much of what you say hits close to home. Surgery is completely insane yet completely satisfying at the same time!

    Thanks for being so eloquent.

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