No dramatic events. I am one day further along in my quest to escape from the trauma ICU before any permanent damage is done.

The nurses are a little puzzled by my excitement, and kind enough to say they’ll miss me. I guess, since they persist in calling me about every thing that happens on the unit, regardless of whether I’m following the patient or not. Flattering, and fairly safe, since I’ve now gotten better than I was at the beginning of the month at following what’s happening to all patients, whether they’re “mine” or not, but difficult to handle delicately: when to waste the nurse’s time by telling them to call a different resident, when to defer to another resident’s handling, when I wouldn’t have chosen that method myself but there’s nothing downright wrong with it, and how often to call another resident to tell him what I and the nurse did with his patient.

Two days left. Labor Day weekend. This is not going to end quietly.